Jason and I were trying out a recipe from Cooking for Geeks over the weekend; Eigen Pancakes.

(Credit: rcstanley via Flickr)

“No one’s ever wrong on the Internet, so the average of a whole bunch of right things must be righter, right? The quantities here are based on the average of the eight different pancake recipes from an online search.” (Pg 24, Cooking for Geeks).

Not only do we love author Jeff Potter’s method, but the pancakes were delicious too.

For testing to see if the pan is hot, Potter says, “The standard test is to toss a few drops of water into the pan and see if they sizzle; the geek test is to take an IR thermometer and check that the pan is around 400 degrees F/200 degrees C.”

Upon reading this, Jason exclaims, “I would totally do that!”

A true gadget geek.