This past weekend, I was desperately reading books (finishing 5 in total) to bring myself up to my 2012 goal of reading 100 books. I was so determined to reach my goal that I visited a local bookstore and read a children’s book.

I’ve been told I read fast like a freak, but this was a challenge for me. About 2 hours before midnight on the 31st of December, 2012, I finished my last book. Boo-yah!

Which brings me up to 2013 and new bookish resolutions.

This year, I want to read at least 35 Geeky Books and review them for GeekyLibrary, so you’ll be able to see my progress real-time throughout the year.

What is your bookish resolution? Read all of the Hugo Award winners? Read as many books on cryptography (like The Code Book) you can find? Read geeky books before the movie comes out, like Ender’s Game?

Whatever the goal, good luck!