The "Alien abduction" bookends are only one example from Knob Creek Metal Arts.
The “Alien abduction” bookends are only one example from Knob Creek Metal Arts.

Good bookends are a must for any collection of books. On a whim, I searched for bookends on etsy and came across Knob Creek Metal Arts’ fine collection of geeky bookends.

Beware the Kraken (geeky  bookend created by Knob Creek Metal Arts)
Beware the Kraken (Knob Creek Metal Arts)

Although my personal favorites are the “scene” type book ends, there are other varieties as well, like a set of bookends featuring π, or these bookends:

Perfect for your technical  books (Knob Creek Metal Arts)
Perfect for your technical books (buy at Knob Creek Metal Arts)

The bookends are made from solid steel (perfect for holding up heavy books), and finished in hammered black. Prices range from around $50-$65, but their Etsy shop is currently having a summer sale that will save you 10% on your order.

Aside from the ones featured above, here is a selection (but not all) of their geeky bookends. And kudos to Knob Creek Metal Arts for making such wonderful bookends for the perfect GeekyLibrary. (plus, they’ll make custom bookends too.)

I can’t decide which set I want, although I do think the rocketship would be perfect for supporting our sci-fi collection.