Happy pi day! 3/14 has long been a day to celebrate the world’s most famous irrational number and, of course, eat pie.

“The early pi men may have hoped that after the initial chaos of 3.14159…, the noise would calm and a pattern ensue.” -From Here’s Looking at Euclid

I have long celebrated pi day, perhaps longer than most. At my high school, School of Science and Technology, pi day was a full-blown, freakin’ holiday because we would get to take 20 minutes out of class to eat pie… you pick the variety.

Here’s a literary pi joke for you:
wife of pi comic

So take the time to eat some pie or make some pie and show off how many digits you’ve memorized. If normal pie isn’t enough, here’s a section from Cooking for Geeks that will geekify your pie:
Apple Pie from Cooking for Geeks
I believe that The Hungry Scientist’s Handbook had instructions for making a modular pecan pie… but that just made us feel queasy.