We’ve seeded the seven 2013 Philip K Dick award nominees into a single elimination bracket based on a weighted average of the star ratings of GeekyLibrary, Amazon, and Goodreads. Let the battle of the books begin!

Ancillary Justice gets a bye

In this 7-book, single elimination competition our top seeded book gets a bye and moves directly to round 2.

Countdown City versus A Calculated Life


It’s a mathematical battle of books as Countdown City faces A Calculated Life. In a move worthy of its intelligent and meticulous main character, A Calculated Life carefully designs a logical and flawless plan of attack… only to be steamrollered by Countdown City, which rides the momentum of the first book, The Last Policeman to victory. Countdown City wins this match!

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter versus Self Reference ENGINE


Never before have two groundbreaking and unique science fiction books faced off in a match like this. Self-Reference ENGINE strikes first, using its patented brand of confusion– a natural result when the space-time continuum has changed and everything is all happening at once. The logic of illogic seems be baffling enough to pull out a win, until the emotional turmoil of the literary masterpiece The Mad Scientist’s Daughter simply blinds its opponent with tears. Mad Scientist’s Daughter wins the fight!

Solaris Rising 2 versus Life on the Preservation


With big names in sci-fi pulling along this collection of short stories, Solaris Rising 2 takes an early lead in the battle against Life on the Preservation and maintains the advantage through most of the match. At the last minute, Life on the Preservation, which features the story of the Seattle Preservation Dome, implements a time loop to change the inevitable outcome. Underdog Life on the Preservation wins this battle!