Ancillary Justice vs The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

It’s time for the highly-anticipated showdown between the two surviving 2013 PKD nominees!

Two strong intelligences face off today, and with both books having a good working knowledge of AI, it’s a toss up how this match will go.

Employing the thousands of years of military knowledge gained by its characters, top-ranked Ancillary Justice surges into an early lead.

The The Mad Scientist’s Daughter doesn’t seem to be able to gain any ground, despite its understanding of the human condition. It is unable to capitalize on a valuable opportunity.

It seems to be a total rout, and Ancillary Justice has Mad Scientist’s Daughter on the ropes.

Ancillary Justice is about to employ its knockout move, when Mad Scientist’s Daughter spots the one vulnerability and… Boom goes the dynamite!

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter wins the championship match and is the PKD Smackdown winner!

Catch up on all the book-battling action in Round 1 and Round 2 of the PKD Smackdown.

The real winner of the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award is announced tonight (April 18) at 7pm. We will be live-tweeting the ceremony.