Long holiday weekend, so what do we do? The GeekyLibrary Crew has a movie night!

GeekyLibrary with Lego Minifigs
We got so excited for the Lego Movie, we even dragged out some of our old (and new) minifigs… from y’know, the bookshelf where they were displayed.

Okay, okay, we know The Lego Movie was released to theaters months ago, but when we saw the previews, we thought our childhood would be forever scarred by a soulless commercial vehicle of a movie.

Plus, we’ve always been a little suspicious of modern minifigs.

But after hearing so many good things about The Lego Movie we had to go.

And it was great! We loved the fun and laughed at the jokes and then had to drag out our legos once again.

I loved the detail and the celebration of imagination. I appreciate that while new sets were given plenty of attention, old sets were not ignored.

Space Police, Pirates, M-Tron, Divers, and others…  We all have lego sets and series that we remember fondly as children.

And then, of course, there are our original creations (like my attempt at rendering the Nautilus in Lego).

If you are also avoiding the movie because of fears of what they will do to your beloved lego memories, fear no longer. Instead, pick it up and enjoy it.