Love for MacLeod's Books

It turns out that Vancouver, BC has a number of awesome bookshops, but when I visited MacLeod’s Books, I wasn’t traveling to Canada on book-related business, I was there to run a half-marathon.

However, within walking distance of our hotel on Pender St., I spotted MacLeod’s on the corner and caught a glimpse a smattering of the glorious treasures within. I knew I had to visit the bookstore.

MacLeod’s is one of those bookstores I consider a dying breed, where books are stacked everywhere and you can see a shiny new paperback next to the yellowed pages of a 1901 hardcover.

The Science Fiction section was right near the front entrance.
The Science Fiction section was right near the front entrance.

I swear I wanted to dive right into the piles of books. I had already picked up 5 I wanted to take with me when my husband reminded me of the size of our suitcases.

On the Saturday I visited, it was a rainy day (not an uncommon thing in Vancouver), and the perfect time to browse the shelves. The best way to visit this bookshop is when you are in the mood for discovery or adventure.

Jason picked up a 1943 edition of Nevil Shute’s Pied Piper printed to “Book Production War Economy Standard” while I found a section on polar exploration and picked up Shackleton’s Forgotten Men by Lennard Bickel. I also picked up a well-loved copy of The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. LeGuin.

I could have spent all day in that bookshop within the stacks of treasures and the smell of yellowing pages.

MacLeod's Books store interior
No better way to spend a rainy day than by browsing the stacks in MacLeod’s Books. This bookstore is epic.(Photo by Julius Reque)

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What’s your favorite bookstore? Stay tuned for more Bookstore Love stories!