2014 Nebula Award Nominees for Best Novel

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced the 2014 Nebula Nominees  and what a great selection of books for best novel!

Some of these best novel nominees were already on our radar.

I just finished The Goblin Emperor a few days before this announcement and I’m seriously considering putting the book on my Hugo Award nomination ballot.

After Ancillary Justice won the Nebula, Hugo and other awards, our reviewers were right on top of the sequel… which Jason thought was better than the first book.

The Three-Body Problem is an unusual nomination as it is a translated book. It’s been on our “to-read” pile for months, before Rachel picked it up. Her review will be posted next week.

Looking for a list of past Nebula winners? Look no further, we track the Nebula Award for Best Novel, as well as other geeky book awards.

Right now, we’re totally focused on reading and reviewing the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award nominees.