Hugo Award voting closes tonight and I’ve been doing some last minute filling out of my ballot.

That being said, there are still empty spots.

This is my first time filling out a nominating ballot and it’s been a learning curve. I definitely was concentrating on the Best Novel category, which where my expertise lies, but I’ve tried to fill out other areas as well.

The hardest part of the ballot is making sure you’ve put things in the right spot. Is this a novella? A novelette? What is a semiprozine?

Kallen's GeekyLibrary Hugo Nominating Ballot

If you notice any errors in my ballot, please let me know. I figure making an effort to nominate those I feel are worthy is better than ignoring all the categories except for Best Novel.

Best Novel

This was hard to decide on, but I did want to make sure I only nominated the books I’ve read. I mean, I bought Station Eleven, but it’s still on my to be read stack.

Sadly, The Martian is not eligible, but was one of the best books I read in 2014. City of Stairs nearly made it on my ballot before I ran out of room.

Other Categories

Sleep Donation cover
A memorable, eerie story.

I need to read more shorter length fiction!

Short Story

I only occasionally read anthologies which is where I get my dose of short stories.

Best Related Work

This is another category I had fun with!

Rat Queens, Sass and Sorcery, Vol. 1Best Graphic Story

This is another category I struggled with, especially when it comes to eligibility. I don’t read many comics, so there was only one that stood out that I read recently (in trade paperback form).

Best Dramatic Presentation

I go to the movies sometimes.

  • Big Hero Six
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

I also get addicted to TV shows.

  • “Listen” (Doctor Who)
  • “Guilty” (Arrow)
  • “Flash vs. Arrow” (Flash)
  • “The Man in the Yellow Suit” (Flash)
  • “Beginning of the End” (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)
Best Professional Editor

Editors are so important to books.

  • Jennifer Brozek
  • John Joseph Adams
Best Professional Artist

This is another category I just stared at for a long time.

Voyage of the Basilisk cover
Another amazing Lockwood cover! Voyage of the Basilisk is out March 31.
Best Fanzine

So I was stuck until I remembered that A Dribble of Ink won this category last year. Oh yeah, websites.

Best Fancast

Sword and Laser

Campbell Award

Eligibility is a little hard to suss out for each writer, but here are two I put down.