I don’t always post week wrap-ups and link round-ups, but when I do…

Here’s what I’ve been tuned into over the past week.

Hugo Nominations Ballot

hugo awardHugo nominations closed on March 10th, and although I filled in my ballot, I was also curious to see what others have done. Book Smugglers posted their hugo picks a while ago, I just found it this week, along with the Aiden Moher’s nominations ballot on A Dribble of Ink.

The books I’ve heard the most best novel buzz about are Station Eleven (including a recommendation by GRRM), The Goblin Emperor (a Nebula Nominee), City of Stairs, and Lock in. I’m anxious to see how it turns out.

Three Influential Science Fiction and Fantasy Women Authors

womens lit eventI’m Lost in Books is hosting a Women’s Lit series in honor of Women’s History Month and I enjoyed writing a guest post about three groundbreaking women authors that led the way in the genres of Science fiction and fantasy.

Read the full post on how Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. LeGuin and Octavia E. Butler proved their place in history and suggestions for modern women science fiction and fantasy authors.


Norwescon 38, featuring Guest Author of Honor George R.R. Martin is only three weeks away and we’re busy looking at the schedule of events. If you want to attend, move quickly. Pre-Registration ends March 28th. Will we see you there?

If you’re following along with our reviews of the Philip K. Dick Award nominees, our newest review, The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter, was posted this week. You can also discuss the PKD Nominees in Norwescon’s Goodreads Discussion group.

The Passing of Terry Pratchett

Still not recovered from the death of Leonard Nimoy, I found out March 12th that the science fiction and fantasy community lost Discworld author Terry Pratchett, who passed away at the age of 66.

I for one will never forget the first time I picked up Good Omens and I’m sure around the world, people will be re-reading his books. If you’ve read them too much already, Boston Bibliophile posted a Terry Pratchett reading list with books people who love his writing may enjoy.

Shadow Scale and other Releases

Not wanting to leave this post on such a sad note, Shadow Scale, The Fire Sermon and The Mechanical (review forthcoming), all came out this Tuesday. I’m new to the Seraphina craze, but having read it before review Shadow Scale, I totally get it now.  For someone waited for Shadow Scale, the question of whether it would live up to the first book was nerve-wracking, as Jenn of Jenn’s Bookshelves pointed out.