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Norwescon 38, the Pacific Northwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, is this weekend in Seattle, WA.

We will be there starting Friday, so follow @GeekyLibrary on Twitter for all the #nwc38 news. You will also find all our NWC38 coverage on the blog.

Philip K. Dick Awards

2014 Philip K. Dick Award nominees

The winner of the Philip K. Dick Award for Distinguished Science Fiction will be announced Friday evening at Norwescon.

We will be continuing our annual coverage of the Philip K. Dick Awards.

We’ve reviewed all 6 nominees and look forward to attending the award ceremony.

Follow GeekyLibrary on Twitter or the #PKDaward hashtag to stay tuned to live coverage.

We look forward to…

Aside from the PKD awards, we are also looking forward to many of the panels and author readings. Here’s a small selection of things we’re interested in:

Author Readings: Rod Duncan, Emmi Itäranta, Nancy Kress and more

Panels: Are Optimistic SF Stories Gone Forever?, What’s New from Random House, Short Stories: At the Cutting Edge of SF

Other: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, Hugo Nomination Announcement, “The Eye of Argon” Reading

What are you looking forward to? Are there things you think we shouldn’t miss? Check out the full Norwescon schedule.

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