Love science fiction and fantasy? Don’t know much about the Hugo Awards? If you are new to the awards, they can be very confusing.

We built and launched an entirely new website dedicated to the Hugo Awards and helping our fellow fans navigate through this year’s nominees.  Introducing GeekyLibrary’s Voting Guide:



The Hugo Awards has been embroiled in controversy since the finalists were announced two weeks ago.

It’s unlikely to become less controversial during the next few months leading up to the award ceremony. However, a side effect of the controversy is the increased attention on the Hugo Awards may  result in an influx of new voters.

hugo awardThe Hugos are science fiction and fantasy’s most prestigious award so we started work on this guide after the realization that there was no central place to learn about Hugo award nominees, especially if you are a non-voting science fiction and fantasy fan.

The GeekyLibrary Voting Guide provides:

  •  overview of all the Hugo Award nominees in all 16 categories (plus the John W. Campbell Award)
  • Background information and links for each nominee
  • Videos, artwork, audio, photos and more
  • Concise information on supporting memberships
  • Answers to questions voters may have, such as “Semiprozine: When and Why?”

We’ve also attempted to make the guide as objective as possible. Every nominee is represented.

This isn’t comprehensive— you will want to wait for the Voter’s Packet for that— it can give people a place to start, especially if they are only considering a supporting membership to vote.

We’ve sunk a ton of hours into assembling this guide— it was truly a labor of fandom.

As much work as it was, the voting guide is just a small piece of our coverage of the Hugo awards. As we do annually, we are planning to review every nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novel. In addition, we will be attending Worldcon this year. We also look forward to reading graphic novels and reading works by Campbell nominees.

Let us know if you found the voting guide helpful, we’d love to hear from you.

Visit the GeekyLibrary Voting Guide