We love geeky books!

GeekyLibrary is a niche website featuring geeky book reviews and news by a core staff of reviewers. All of us are geeks here, although we are a pretty diverse crowd, and we love to share geeky things with others.

Genre matters less to us than geekiness, and we will review a wide variety of material.

Feel free to get in touch with us!

The GeekyLibrary Crew

Kallen Kentner

Chief Editor & Manager | Content and Marketing

Content questions? Email: Kallen@geekylibrary.com

Kallen is in charge of content strategy, which covers everything from assigning ARCs to reviewers and editing content. Master of the editorial calendar and chief staff wrangler, Kallen is a former journalist and long-time book lover.

A former journalist, Kallen is passionate about quality content. GeekyLibrary work aside, Kallen is an online content specialist and web coordinator for Pacific University. She also delights in the power of social media. Chances are, that’s probably her behind the GeekyLibrary Twitter account.

Kallen is a GeekyLibrary founder and enjoys geeky books from nearly every genre. She believes the oxford comma is superfluous in most situations.

Taylor Dewey

Manager | Interaction Design

Website issues? Email: Taylor@geekylibrary.com

Computer geek to the core, Taylor designed and built the custom WordPress theme and server GeekyLibrary runs on. When Taylor combined his nerdy coding skills with Kallen’s content creation skills, the foundations of GeekyLibrary were built.

In his day job, Taylor is a User Interface Engineer working with a web development agency. He is passionate about finding a good book, ambivalent about 5-star ratings, and reads primarily science fiction or scientific non-fiction. He is a oxford comma advocate.

Jason Kentner


Jason may love reading, but mostly he thinks in numbers. He serves as GeekyLibrary’s analyst, translating the data we receive on the back end of our site. He’s a fan of adventure sci-fi, but will pick up a non-fiction book if the subject is right (The Physics of Superheroes, perhaps?)

Jason is a GeekyLibrary founder and his opinion about the oxford comma is superfluous because he still hits the spacebar twice before every sentence.

Our Reviewers


Gamer and a bookworm. Make way for the to-be-read stack!

A professional costume designer who happens to be our local comic expert. Loves a good YA dystopia.

When she finds geeky youth books during her job in an elementary school library, she reviews them for GeekyLibrary’s youth collection. Once dressed up as Zita the Spacegirl.


Will be okay if you confuse him with Tony Stark.


Fond of sci-fi short stories, coder and former physicist.

Fond of 50s and 60s science fiction B-movies. If a book isn’t good, “it’s dead, Jim.”


History of GeekyLibrary

Amazingly geeky things can happen when you put a gadget geek, a web engineer, a science journalist, a word nerd, a mad scientist, an airplane mechanic, a six pack of craft beer, some coffee, a few board games, infinite monkeys banging on infinite keyboards, a pile of sticky notes, and a handful of avid readers in the same room. GeekyLibrary is one of those geeky things.

The three founders, Thanksgiving 2012, doing some last minute work on the site before launch