Rose City Comicon ’13

While Kallen and Jason played in Seattle, I got down to business here in the Rose City, sacrificing a WHOLE WEEKEND to the gods of Rose City Comicon. Instead of going the normal con-review-route and talking about the panels by comic authors (holy crap is Matt Fraction funny, and Kelly Sue DeConnick is a force […]

A trip to the EMP Museum

Jason and I found ourselves in Seattle this weekend, so while Teka  explored the geekiness of Rose City ComicCon, we sought out some geekiness of our own in the Emerald City. .@KallenDewey here, tweeting briefly to say I'm going to @empmuseum today& looking forward to the #scifi exhibit! (I hear there's a dalek) — GeekyLibrary […]

Totally Geeky Book for the Win!

The 2013 Hugo Awards were presented on September 2nd, and although the live feed went a bit wonky, I was mostly able to follow the ceremony online. Of course, the award we were waiting to hear about was the Hugo Award for Best Novel. In preparation, we read and reviewed as many of the nominees […]

Perseid Meteor Shower

Thinking of weekend plans? This year, August 10-13 will be the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower and your best time to get a glimpse of the meteors streaking through our atmosphere. My favorite way to view this fall is by camping out where there is less light pollution to interfere with the stars. There […]

The (2013) Hugo Awards are coming!

The GeekyLibrary Crew enjoy the Hugo Awards, if only for bringing to our attention so many great sci-fi and fantasy novels. Although we don’t always agree with the winners (one past winner only received 2 stars…) most of the time they bring amazing books to our attention. In addition to trying to review past Hugo […]

Geeky Bookends for your GeekyLibrary

Good bookends are a must for any collection of books. On a whim, I searched for bookends on etsy and came across Knob Creek Metal Arts’ fine collection of geeky bookends. Although my personal favorites are the “scene” type book ends, there are other varieties as well, like a set of bookends featuring π, or […]

Prisoner of the Ant People & other titles…

With 20th Century Fox poised to start work on making a “Choose your Own Adventure” movie, someone was smart enough to take a look at the source material. Adam K. Raymond for ranked all 185 titles in the popular 80’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, listing them from “Most to least awesome-sounding.” Number 1 on the list? Prisoner […]

Uhmm… Happy Short Story Month?

So I just found out that May is Short Story Month. Seriously, all these holidays and weeks and months of recognition for stuff is confusing. At least I knew last month was Poetry Month, so I should get a little credit, right? The one good thing about Short Story month is that it has drawn […]

Geeky Poem in Your Pocket?

Today is “Poem in Your Pocket” Day, part of National Poetry Month, and in anticipation of this auspicious day (which I had never heard of before…) I spent the first part of the week performing a poem for elementary school kids. Jabberwocky. I memorized “Jabberwocky” from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (sequel to Alice […]

A Night with Mary Roach

Mary Roach (my favorite science writer) at Powells, City of Books (my favorite bookstore). Was it just a beautiful dream? Actually, it was a pretty hilarious author event. Mary Roach, famous for her bestseller Stiff, and author of Packing for Mars, is on tour this April to promote her newest book about the human digestive […]

"Lost Everything" cover

Hugo Award Nominees are here!

So while fellow GeekyLibrary crew member Taylor was enjoying NorWesCon, I spent my weekend schlepping boxes and furniture down 3 flights of stars while moving into a new house. Despite that, I took a break from moving to discover who the Philip K. Dick Award Winner  was and to tune into the announcement of the […]