Norwescon 36

For GeekyLibrary, I was able to attend a number of author readings, attend a Baen books party (thanks!), and I passed out a fair number of business cards.

Don’t Panic; our 42nd book review is here

In honor of our 42nd review—rather than troll Wikipedia (delete everything in the entry for Earth and replace it with “Mostly Harmless”)– we decided to celebrate a different way. As we know, the number 42 is so important, being the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, so I’ve added my own opinion about Douglas […]

GeekyLibrary Crew discusses the PKD Nominees… Live

The winner of the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award will be announced Friday at Norwescon, and we’ve been busy reading them. So lets talk about them. This evening at 6pm (Pacific Daylight Saving Time), we’ll be hosting an informal discussion of the books via Google Hangout On Air feature, which will be featured streaming right […]

GeekyLibrary is legit, with Moo business cards

Yeah, we’re totally legit, because now your GeekyLibrary Crew has business cards, from Yeah, that’s right, I’m now the “chief editing overlord.” Also, meet Taylor, our Supreme Code Commander and Jason, the numbers guy. So if you like our new cards, be sure to catch up with Taylor this weekend at Norwescon and maybe […]

Hosting & Downtime

Apologies for the recent downtime (a few hours… okay, all day, March 20th). This site is currently hosted on a DreamHost VPS which, along with a huge chunk of their network, went dark due to the ironic interruption of their uninterruptible power supply. All the gritty details and play-by-play on the DreamHost status site. Our plan […]

Bring a Towel and Google It

In honor of Douglas Adam’s 61st birthday, he receives the highest of honors; the Google Doodle.The best thing about this doodle is the interactive copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) that features all sorts of Douglas Adam’s references, like the babel fish and 42. All main […]

GeekyLibrary Crew Explores Disneyland

If you happened to be following us on Twitter, you would probably know that the GeekyLibrary Crew went to Disneyland last week. Guess where the GeekyLibrary Crew is headed this week… @Disneyland! #StarTours here we come! — GeekyLibrary (@GeekyLibrary) February 17, 2013 Star Tours was definitely a high priority. We still haven’t gotten used to […]

GeekyBook Quotes of Romance and Love

Below is a special Valentine’s Day delivery from our GeekyLibrary bookshelves. This collection of quotes travels the different stages and aspects of romance, albeit sometimes in a very geeky way.

Love Stories and Other Romantic Geekery

Looking for a Valentine’s Day fit? When you think of GeekyBooks, romance is probably not the first thing on your mind. Robots and aliens, sure,  but true love? However, even in our modest collection of book reviews, I can pull out at least three books that feature love and relationships. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by […]

Cities in the Sky: Revealing lost chapters in Science Fiction History

Crowd funding is an amazing concept and phenomenon because it puts the financial viability of a project into the hands of people who care. When we discovered filmmaker’s Issac and Marisa’s film project on Kickstarter, we cared. The documentary Cities in the Sky: Science Fiction’s Forgotten Visionaries promises to reveal pioneering science fiction authors whose […]

Phoenix WordCamp 2013

This past weekend GeekyLibrary reviewer Taylor Dewey (me) attended WordCamp Phoenix 2013. I spoke too. GeekyLibrary is hanging out in Phoenix for #wcphx — our site is proudly WordPress! ^td — GeekyLibrary (@GeekyLibrary) January 19, 2013 Any of you geeks going to WordCamp Phoenix? I'll be there all three days, speaking Fri and Sun. #wcphx […]