Don’t believe GoT: Summer is Coming ..and spring is here.

Perhaps in Westeros, winter is coming, but where I am, its summer that I’ve got to worry about. I haven’t the time to watch the new season of Game of Thrones because I’m under siege by weeds. When in peril, consult a book. A review of Gardening for Geeks by Christy Wilhelmi (founder of […]

Sci-fi Inspired Bathroom Decor

About the same time we were preparing for the launch of our brand new site, I discovered a leaking pipe in my bathroom. The threads on the pipe were broken and it needed to be replaced. This required cutting into the wall. Since moving into the new house about a year ago, I’ve unleased my […]

Share the #GeekLove for Geeky Book romance

“Tao, I think I love her. She’s hot and a geek.” -From "The Lives of Tao" by @wes_chu #VDayQuotes #GeekLove — GeekyLibrary (@GeekyLibrary) February 6, 2014 Next week, about 1:10 pm PST every day up until Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting a quote from our geeky books that relates to romance, love, or relationships. Just […]

Don’t Panic; our 42nd book review is here

In honor of our 42nd review—rather than troll Wikipedia (delete everything in the entry for Earth and replace it with “Mostly Harmless”)– we decided to celebrate a different way. As we know, the number 42 is so important, being the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, so I’ve added my own opinion about Douglas […]

GeekyLibrary Crew discusses the PKD Nominees… Live

The winner of the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award will be announced Friday at Norwescon, and we’ve been busy reading them. So lets talk about them. This evening at 6pm (Pacific Daylight Saving Time), we’ll be hosting an informal discussion of the books via Google Hangout On Air feature, which will be featured streaming right […]