Swanky New Business Cards Collect yours at Norwescon!

With our new site and logo change, we had to order new business cards too. We’ve changed a lot since our first batch and it was time for an update. Take a peek at our new cards: We’ll be heading to Norwescon 37 soon, so if we meet up with you there, you might end […]

Old site vs. new site geekylibrary

Welcome to the New GeekyLibrary Theme

The day has come, it’s finally here! We’ve launched a brand new site with a new design and a ton of new features. I previewed our new site before, but now that we’ve gone live, here’s your virtual tour of the new features. Pseudo-Random Quote Generator Who doesn’t like quotes? We’ve collected over 1000 quotes […]

A matter of perspective (and a PKD Nominee update)

Okay geeky readers, I have something important to say. When reading a book, it is always better to feel like this person: Than this person: In the disney-fueled world of my childhood, I’ve always identified with Belle’s love of books, and despised Gaston for his ignorance. That being said, the recent Philip K. Dick award […]

How Do We Build our Geeky Book Quote Library?

I took a moment to use Vine to capture how we build our quote library of 800+ quotes from geeky books. Currently our preferred method is to keep post-it note arrows close by while reading and use them to mark the spot. We enter them into our searchable database later to be used on Twitter […]

Rose City Comicon ’13

While Kallen and Jason played in Seattle, I got down to business here in the Rose City, sacrificing a WHOLE WEEKEND to the gods of Rose City Comicon. Instead of going the normal con-review-route and talking about the panels by comic authors (holy crap is Matt Fraction funny, and Kelly Sue DeConnick is a force […]

A trip to the EMP Museum

Jason and I found ourselves in Seattle this weekend, so while Teka  explored the geekiness of Rose City ComicCon, we sought out some geekiness of our own in the Emerald City. .@KallenDewey here, tweeting briefly to say I'm going to @empmuseum today& looking forward to the #scifi exhibit! (I hear there's a dalek) — GeekyLibrary […]

Geeky Poem in Your Pocket?

Today is “Poem in Your Pocket” Day, part of National Poetry Month, and in anticipation of this auspicious day (which I had never heard of before…) I spent the first part of the week performing a poem for elementary school kids. Jabberwocky. I memorized “Jabberwocky” from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (sequel to Alice […]

"Lost Everything" cover

Hugo Award Nominees are here!

So while fellow GeekyLibrary crew member Taylor was enjoying NorWesCon, I spent my weekend schlepping boxes and furniture down 3 flights of stars while moving into a new house. Despite that, I took a break from moving to discover who the Philip K. Dick Award Winner  was and to tune into the announcement of the […]

Norwescon 36

For GeekyLibrary, I was able to attend a number of author readings, attend a Baen books party (thanks!), and I passed out a fair number of business cards.

GeekyLibrary Crew discusses the PKD Nominees… Live

The winner of the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award will be announced Friday at Norwescon, and we’ve been busy reading them. So lets talk about them. This evening at 6pm (Pacific Daylight Saving Time), we’ll be hosting an informal discussion of the books via Google Hangout On Air feature, which will be featured streaming right […]

GeekyLibrary is legit, with Moo business cards

Yeah, we’re totally legit, because now your GeekyLibrary Crew has business cards, from Moo.com. Yeah, that’s right, I’m now the “chief editing overlord.” Also, meet Taylor, our Supreme Code Commander and Jason, the numbers guy. So if you like our new cards, be sure to catch up with Taylor this weekend at Norwescon and maybe […]