PKD Smackdown Book Bracket Round 3: Championship Match!

Ancillary Justice vs The Mad Scientist’s Daughter It’s time for the highly-anticipated showdown between the two surviving 2013 PKD nominees! Two strong intelligences face off today, and with both books having a good working knowledge of AI, it’s a toss up how this match will go. Employing the thousands of years of military knowledge gained […]

Old site vs. new site geekylibrary

Welcome to the New GeekyLibrary Theme

The day has come, it’s finally here! We’ve launched a brand new site with a new design and a ton of new features. I previewed our new site before, but now that we’ve gone live, here’s your virtual tour of the new features. Pseudo-Random Quote Generator Who doesn’t like quotes? We’ve collected over 1000 quotes […]

Geeky LIbrary 100th Book Review Countdown

A look back on our 100th review countdown

As a precursor to the launch of our new theme, we counted down to the review of our 100th book on Pinterest. If you missed it, here are the 10 books featured in our countdown. Number 100: Rat Queens We are impressed with this new series from Image Comics, which features a bad-ass mercenary group […]

wife of pi comic

Happy Pi Day!

Happy pi day! 3/14 has long been a day to celebrate the world’s most famous irrational number and, of course, eat pie. “The early pi men may have hoped that after the initial chaos of 3.14159…, the noise would calm and a pattern ensue.” -From Here’s Looking at Euclid I have long celebrated pi day, […]