BBC drama of the week podcast

For Your Listening Pleasure

Hi, geeks! Teka here, popping in with a suggestion for non-book media. I’m subscribed to the BBC’S Drama of the Week podcast (I use iTunes, but I’m sure you can find it other places) and this week’s piece “Billions” is kind of wonderful. At first, the story seems confusing but push on through and it […]

My Reaction to Pinterest

So, last week, GeekyLibrary launched a Pinterest page. After spending my life a bunch of time on Pinterest this past week, this is my reaction:   Typography is important.

Unrealistic expectations

This was inspired by a conversation I had on Twitter last night. Library w/ ladders. MT @brokeandbookish: I will buy lots of books if I win #EsuranceSave30 & build a library & buy a house on an island. @GeekyLibrary yes! Then I can pretend I'm Belle like I always dreamed of as a child! — […]

Geeky Bookends for your GeekyLibrary

Good bookends are a must for any collection of books. On a whim, I searched for bookends on etsy and came across Knob Creek Metal Arts’ fine collection of geeky bookends. Although my personal favorites are the “scene” type book ends, there are other varieties as well, like a set of bookends featuring π, or […]

Prisoner of the Ant People & other titles…

With 20th Century Fox poised to start work on making a “Choose your Own Adventure” movie, someone was smart enough to take a look at the source material. Adam K. Raymond for ranked all 185 titles in the popular 80’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, listing them from “Most to least awesome-sounding.” Number 1 on the list? Prisoner […]

Geeky Poem in Your Pocket?

Today is “Poem in Your Pocket” Day, part of National Poetry Month, and in anticipation of this auspicious day (which I had never heard of before…) I spent the first part of the week performing a poem for elementary school kids. Jabberwocky. I memorized “Jabberwocky” from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (sequel to Alice […]

Love Stories and Other Romantic Geekery

Looking for a Valentine’s Day fit? When you think of GeekyBooks, romance is probably not the first thing on your mind. Robots and aliens, sure,  but true love? However, even in our modest collection of book reviews, I can pull out at least three books that feature love and relationships. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by […]

Cities in the Sky: Revealing lost chapters in Science Fiction History

Crowd funding is an amazing concept and phenomenon because it puts the financial viability of a project into the hands of people who care. When we discovered filmmaker’s Issac and Marisa’s film project on Kickstarter, we cared. The documentary Cities in the Sky: Science Fiction’s Forgotten Visionaries promises to reveal pioneering science fiction authors whose […]