Keiji Kiriya is a green recruit thrown into battle against an alien race know as Mimics. Mowed down by the enemy, along with his fellow recruits, Keiji finds himself visited by a red-suited woman who watches him die.

“Good. I hate it when I die alone.”

page 86

Surprisingly, Keiji wakes up in his bunk the previous morning as though nothing had happened. Forced to relive events in a Groundhog Day-esque time loop, Keiji must figure out the secret of the loop so that he can escape it.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

The graphic novel is an adaptation of All You Need Is Kill, a novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. A movie, Edge of Tomorrow, is coming soon, and is based on the same novel. The premise of the storyline sounds interesting, and we wanted to see how the graphic novel collapsed the novel into a visual format.

Rating (3 stars)

Being a graphic novel, it lacks some of the narrative depth of its parent novel (and the manga), but the story seems rushed. The plotline is barely stitched together, and much of the dialogue is clearly intended to refer to events that aren’t in the graphic novel. Certain events are never explained, although they contributed to the plot of the novel. The novel is 230 pages, the manga is twelve 70+ page books and still in progress, and at 93 pages, the graphic novel doesn’t measure up.

That being said, it’s an entertaining read. Lee Ferguson’s artwork is atypical for him, compared to his other works, and we’re not sure what that’s about.