Andrew Grayson is moving up in the world. The former welfare ‘hood rat has earned a shiny new title, “Platoon SGT. SFC Grayson”, and has been tapped for a covert ops mission.

“Welcome aboard the Classified, lead ship of her class. Sister units are the None of Your Business, and the Piss Off.

page 139

Of course, the story remains the same—the Lankies, now with their own shiny new nickname (LHO or Large Hostile Organism), are still screwing things up, and as always, when Grayson is involved, everything seems to go to hell in a hand basket.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Seeing as there were already three books on the shelf, there’s space for the fourth, and any others Marko Kloos decides to write. Frontlines is a pretty fantastic series. I hope to see it nominated for another Hugo at some point, and maybe this time, there will be no controversies, and the series can get the “official” recognition it deserves.

Rating (4 stars)

Marko Kloos has, once again, managed to exceed expectations with this fourth book in the Frontlines universe. Even with the general formula closely following its predecessors, he still manages to breathe some new life into the story and characters, giving them even more depth.