Oma- the most powerful and destructive satellite has risen. The illegitimate Kai is dealing with plots against his life, and some major betrayals. The world is under siege from the relentless enemy attacks.

“The Gods shape the world. Not you. Not me. Only the Gods.”

page 359

The chaos and violence from The Mirror Empire? It’s a cake walk compared to what’s unfolding.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

It’s on our shelf as the follow-up to The Mirror Empire. It picks up immediately where we left off, and it’s definitely a series that you can’t just quit after book one if you liked it even a little.

Rating (4 stars)

Empire Ascendant was infinitely easier to read than The Mirror Empire.  I think a lot of that was due to the fact that there was more action, which seems impossible, since there was a lot going on in Mirror Empire, but it was less detailed world building, and more go-go-go. With a story as complex as Kameron Hurley is producing, this is to be expected. Sequels are almost always more palatable because the world is about as set up as it needs to be.

The plot devices that kept me from truly loving The Mirror Empire were only just barely touched upon here, so that added to my enjoyment. Some of it was still awkward; the use of newer pronouns- “ze” and “hir” namely- for a vaguely gendered character, namely…. but it’s only awkward because it’s not commonly used yet. The more we see it, the more it will feel natural.