Like every good subculture, geeks may use terms and words that are unfamiliar to the rest of humanity. In fact, apparently we use enough that we warrant our own encyclopedia of terms…. or Geektionary.

“As we enter the era of the geek, knowing how to navigate geekdom may be your best chance of survival.”

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How well do you know the lingo? Or the worlds of those other geeks— you know, the ones who are obsessed with that other show set in outer space? Fear not, Geektionary will dispell your feeling of ignorance.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

When you practically shout to the world that your book is geeky by naming it something like Geektionary, we feel almost obligated to read it… possibly with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Rating (3 stars)

Don’t get me wrong; just because I rated this 3-stars doesn’t mean its a bad book.

If you are looking for some light amusement instead of an actual story, by all means pick this up. I most enjoyed reading specific words and definitions out loud for a good laugh.

However, after spending time with this book, the brand of humor gets tired and worn out. It starts to feel strained, and in places, it just didn’t seem funny at all.