There are lots of non-fiction books about space travel, but not like this one. Instead of details on achievements, engineering and exploration that many books include, Mary Roach will tell you how astronauts poop in space. And it will make you giggle.

“Venting your frustration at Mission Control personnel is a time-honored astronaut tradition….”

page 54

In Packing for Mars, author Mary Roach looks at the human side of space and applies her hilarious sense of humor to the topic with gusto.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Mary Roach has a talent for sniffing out the questions that people really want to ask… and then she answers them. My geeky curiosity loves this and it makes space travel more accessible to me. If you are the kind of geek that would rather hear about the technical side, then this is not the geeky book for you.

Rating (5 stars)

Ever since her bestseller Stiff; The curious lives of human cadavers, author Mary Roach has gained as reputation as a hilarious science writer. The reputation is well-earned.

As in all her books, certain sections should not be read while eating (“It was their meandering sniffs that made possible the conclusion: “Body odor is strongest in axilla, groin, feet.”), and other sections you will be laughing so loudly that people will give you strange, questioning looks and quietly move away.

I love the comedic, informative mix of her books, and this was another winner.