This is a future where there is near-sentient AI, augmented reality that creates realistic virtual battlefields from thin air, and a cure for cancer.

“Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for coming. I’d like to talk to you a little bit……about the future.” If the line had come from anyone else, it would have sounded corny as hell.

page 411

Miles Torvalds’ mother has cancer and she’s dying. With the cost of treatment unreachably high, Torvalds is forced into a choice– let his mother die or do anything to get her treatment paid for.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

We were offered a review copy of this book and rarely can we turn down the offer of a sci-fi novel. Here’s the character breakdown:

Good Guys

  • Underdog drop-out whose mom is dying and whose last name is shared by the inventor of Linux and Git
  • An unstable, personified, augmented-reality virus
  • Most-wanted on FBI’s cyber-crimes most-wanted list

Bad Guys

  • A temporally-fixed Terminator crossed with Sam Fischer (Splinter Cell)
  • The Government, insurance companies, NSA, CIA, etc etc
  • Time

Rating (3 stars)

Although I rated this three-stars, this is probably a four-star book. The science seemed mostly sound, it was entertaining, and it had unexpected plot movement and devices. This is the first in a potential d.o.mai.n series. Godsoe has crafted a wonderful sci-fi dystopia with an unlikely hero. I look forward to the next book in the series.

However, this is self-published book and in our review copy, that shows. Hopefully the typos and inconsistencies were cleared up. Beyond the technical issues, there are areas that, given a little more attention, could have made the overall book stronger.