You found a 100,000 year old, highly-advanced flying saucer. Already,  governments, ruthless billionaires are conspiring to take your flying saucer from your posession.

“We are surrounded by unknown technology, in a ship with unknown problems. Radiation, bacteria, viruses from space… this ship should be explored by engineers wearing full-body clean suits.”

page 38

Will you be able to fly, keep, study or hide the saucer from those that would do you harm?

This is exactly what is happening to Rip Cantrell after he found a mysterious object in the Sahara.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

This was a thrift store find. The title was what first caught my attention. Saucer?  I have read many other books by this author and wondered how I missed this sci-fi one.

Rating (3 stars)

I’m a sucker for the whole UFO thrill.

As a science fiction thriller, this book kept me thinking about the possibility of what it would be like to have a flying saucer to study and learn.

How many questions would be answered and raised? Then the thought that if you did have or find a flying saucer, could you keep it?

I really liked the easy, fast-paced read of this book. The author explained  in detail how the flying saucer would be able to fly, maneuver and the prospect of using the manual controls or mind-assisted flight computers was interesting.