The Nightside is that square mile of Hell in the middle of the city where it’s always 3 a.m. and where you can walk beside myths and drink with monsters.

“I’d just seen the end of the world, murdered one of my oldest friends, and discovered that the one quest I’d always intended to give my life to was now forever barred to me; so I decided I was owed a break”

page 154

It’s a place where nothing is what it seems and everything is possible.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

This book has everything you would want— action, drama, suspense, horror, science fiction, and fantasy with touches of romance all rolled up into a 230-page paperback novel. Who wouldn’t want a book like this on their shelf?

Rating (5 stars)

This book is the first of a now 12 book series that takes the reader on quite a ride.

This series takes a unique twist and creative take on the classic private investigator role by sprinkling in imaginative landscapes, characters brimming with paranormal aspects, and plot lines littered with science fiction. There are even funny moments in this book where I found myself laughing at the moxie the main character displays throughout the entire book.

Each chapter envelops you into the world of the Nightside creating this alternate universe with vibrant characters abound. I found myself craving more from these characters as soon as I was finished reading the book.

As soon as I was done reading this book, I instantly gave it to my fiancé and made him read it.

Sure the book has a darker tone, but you find yourself loving the characters and hoping that they win/save the day and it kept me wanting more right up until the very end. I’m already on the 3rd book of the series and still loving it.