When Alexia Tarabotti meets a vampire with unusually rude manners, she only means to whack him one with her sturdy brass parasol, not unwittingly cause his demise.

“This is the age of miraculous invention and extraordinary science.”

page 40

But the uncouth vampire is only the beginning of her problems. Supernatural creatures begin to disappear and many believe Alexia is to blame. As  a soulless one, she is often considered a natural enemy of supernatural beings.

And on top of it, she has to deal with a rumpled and irascible handsome werewolf Alpha.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Meddling scientists, supernatural beings and unexplainable cephalopods.

Bonus points for the mention of The Babbage Engine.

Rating (4 stars)

If Soulless was just a paranormal romance, I probably never would have enjoyed it. Not my cup of tea.

But Soulless is so much more. Gail Carriger, wielding wit like a rapier, has prevented the story from suffering from any saccharine moments.

And this is why my husband kept sending quizzical looks my way as I kept bursting out with undignified peals of laughter while reading. (Turns out Carriger is entertaining in person as well.)

A bold protagonist, well-imagined steampunk london, amusing scenarios and well-developed characters all wrapped up with a satisfying ending— this may not be a though-provoking novel, but it is a perfectly entertaining adventure.