After the two geeky sci-fi franchises first collided in Volume 1 of the eight-part comic story Assimilation2, Vol. 2 concludes the story of the first official Star Trek/ Doctor Who crossover.

“They have much in common with the Borg, but the Cybermen do not limit their plans for conquest to a single universe.”

page 8

After the first four issues offered a brilliant beginning to the story in Vol. 1, the exciting conclusion is filled with the qualities that garnered Doctor Who and Star Trek  their large fan bases in the first place.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Don’t be ridiculous. It’s obvious.

Rating (5 stars)

Although less exhilarating than the first four parts, this story is nonetheless brought to a satisfying conclusion. As I mentioned in my review of Vol. 1, I was apprehensive about a crossover, yet happy with the result.

I still loved this story in Vol. 2, although somehow the plot diminished the creepiness of the Borg when compared to the Cybermen. Making the Borg seem like less of a threat was the only negative point for me.