In the 21st century, a cult arose from silicon rubble. It started small, but grew rapidly until its followers numbered in the billions. Temples made of glass and aluminum arose in nearly every city to serve the devotees who stand in line for hours just to set foot across the threshold. At the head of the cult stood one man. This is his story.

” ‘When he walked into the conference room, I sat up and thought, ‘Whoa, there’s Steve!” ”

page 387

Steve Jobs has become a household name, but the behind the mac deity is an actual person complete with unique background, quirks and flaws.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

In our time, there are few geeks that have attained such notoriety and mystique. From the beginnings of Apple in a suburban garage, the history of Steve Jobs’s life has sometimes been shrouded in legend.

Although he is a geek icon, the true history of his life is more fascinating than the idolized version we’ve often been fed. Time to get to know the real person.

Rating (5 stars)

I’ve read a number of biographies and they tend to be easily divided into categories. There are those that bore and those that excite, those that thoroughly destroy their subject and those that put them on a pedestal.

Then there was this book. Compelling, yes, but it didn’t glorify Steve Jobs. It made him human. It provided insight into a fascinating man. And it was never boring.