Sometimes you want to read a book that’s relevant, thought-provoking, and engaging. This is not that book. This is a book whose stories graced the science fiction magazines during the early to mid 1950’s; all of these stories were written pre-sputnik.

Travel by warp is a little different from travel by the rocket you fiction writers make so much of.

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So it isn’t a timeless classic, but the stories might give you a bit of nostalgia for the “good ole days” of science fiction. Or perhaps just a chuckle and some light entertainment.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

There’s an on-and-off tradition in my family around the holidays called “the stocking game.” The premise is essentially a white elephant gift exchange.

When this book came up — it says “science fiction stories” on its cover — I took the opportunity to steal it knowing full well that the next gift I drew from the stocking might be a child’s Disney princess bib or some equally ridiculous item.

This book, I thought, at least can be reviewed for GeekyLibrary.

Rating (3 stars)

It’s not bad writing, nor is it bad science fiction. It is a bit dated. This book would have received a two star rating if my expectations were higher.

In fact, seven of the stories from this book were reprinted in 2008. Perhaps noteworthy, is that the title story, “The Counterfeit Man” is not among those in the reprint. That particular story was probably the least enjoyable and was likely selected as the title story only because it had the most sensational plot.