Some people are born with the ability to turn their passion for something… anything… into a magical power called ‘mancy.

“Doing ‘mancy had consequences; the universe wanted to balance out the unnaturally bizarreness with malicious coincidence.

page 17

Paul Tsabo is a bureaucromancer, drug maker, but most importantly, father to an 8 year old ‘mancer with volatile powers. She’s stronger than most ‘mancers, and capable of crazy destruction. Of course, they have to keep her powers secret. Sounds like a simple task, right? Yeah…. not so much.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Ferrett Steinmetz has created something crazy wonderful here.  The magic is geektacularly awesome (Videogamemancy! Fight Clubmancy! You name it, it’s a ‘mancy.), for this reason alone, it has a place on our shelf.

Rating (4 stars)

The Flux is one of those rare books that’s part of a series (book two), but is written to be a stand alone. It’s so well done. All the major events from book one, The Flex, are explained in a way that the picture is painted with broad strokes, but you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything significant. This was a major selling point for me, since I missed book one.