Geeks have a penchant for projects. Some favorite materials include electronics, dry-ice, and things that explode (or implode, if possible).

“We had purely scientific intentions when we went into development for an edible lingerie prototype.

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This book is about those geeky DIY projects that are somehow, somewhat food-related.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

We’re scientists that occasionally have need for sustenance. In fact, the cover text advertises its applicability for “techies, tinkerers, and foodies.”

Rating (1 stars)

This is a book we would have loved to like. Unfortunately, its purpose was judged entirely by its cover. The actual contents are less than appetizing. Here are a few:

  • Using a pumpkin as a Camera Obscura instead of something more durable
  • Covering an otherwise edible cake with LEDs
  • Tupperware conversion to store an iPod and some speakers [note: this is not edible].
  • Creation of a 3 foot gravy fountain out of bowls and plywood.

There are some projects in the book that are less strange. For example there is a 12-page section that can be summarized in the following (spoiler alert) statement: try dry-ice instead of water-ice in cocktails.

There are additional editorial errors, but on whole this book provides no more value than a quick Google search for geek+food inspiration.