This is the “travel guide” for anyone who has thought of taking over the Planet Earth. Includes: defense plans, history of mankind,strategic resources, and how to influence the inhabitants to make the takeover more complete.

For example, in the TV series Babylon 5, the Centauri use mass drivers built into their capital warships to pummel the planet Narn with meteors, turning the whole golden planet into a ruined dustbowl.

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Whether you are able to travel by hyperspatial drive though wormholes, molecular reintegration,parallel universe or dimension, or time travel, this guide will tell you where to land, how to avoid detection, and how to take advantage of the elements and compounds that make up the planet.

Of course you have to know where the planet is as the universe is vast. This guide will help you pinpoint the planet in the proper galaxy, solar system, and then the planet called Earth.

And then it helps to know the physical facts about Earth: mass, total surface area as well as square miles of water, speed of rotation, surface gravity and many more fun facts are included for you to read on your epic adventure.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

I like science fiction in general. The title of the book hooked me. Wow, a “how-to” guide! How would one go about writing such a guide? I was excited about the title and the promise it held.

Full disclosure– We received this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rating (2 stars)

If I was asked, halfway though the book what rating I would give, it would of been a -1. The first chapter contained the information you would of received in a Earth Science 101 class. Interesting, as I had forgotten some of the facts. This book is supposed to be a guide for Aliens who have had very little or no contact with Earth.

I was hating to read this book and it sat on my nightstand for several weeks unfinished.

As I picked up the book to start reading again, I thought to myself,this is kid stuff. Bingo! I reread this book as if I were a preteen or teenager. It made me understand the very basics that the author was trying to get the reader to understand. Yes, it is very basic and uses modern examples from Star Wars, Star Trek, other movies and TV shows to get points across.

This book may have been rated higher by a younger reader.