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We care about our quality content and unique book reviews. Instead of mimicking the style of goodreads or Amazon reviews, we decided GeekyLibrary should be more selective.

We choose what books we review. We maintain high standards for writing. We want geeks to share their viewpoints on geeky books with other geeks. And we want to have a great time doing it.

However, we love the value the viewpoints of an incredibly diverse geek population. Ultimately, we decided on allowing those who want to be reviewers apply to do so.

Our Expectations of You

  • Read and review at least five books for us
  • Respond to and engage with those who take the time to leave comments on your review
  • Pitch books you want to review and be willing to acquire the books to read if necessary
  • Be accepting and gracious of feedback from our editors and staff
  • Follow the standards, patterns, and expectations of the website
  • Cross-posting reviews on a personal blog or other site is allowed with link to the original post on GeekyLibrary.
  • If you’re on Twitter, follow us there and be willing to help us and help you promote your review

In Return

  • Books! Our trusted reviewers often receive advanced review copies and digital copies to read free of cost from GeekyLibrary
  • We copy-edit all book reviews and blog articles before they’re posted. You’re free to write; save the boring chore of editing to us.
  • We love our reviewers and will give you all sorts of attention, call-outs, mad props, virtual high-fives, and twitter mentions for as long as you keep writing reviews.

So, if writing geeky book reviews about geeky books seems like it’s your thing, contact us for more details:

Can’t commit the time, but still want to be involved? Learn more how to contribute to GeekyLibrary.