We are always interested in finding new geeky books!

What We Review

GeekyLibrary is a niche book review site focused on providing quality reviews of geeky books. We promote our site and book reviews through multiple social media accounts.

Most science fiction and fantasy fits the bill, but we’ve also reviewed cookbooks, dating guides, scientific non-fiction, memoirs, biographies, travel guides, graphic novelsromance, historical non-fiction, short stories, mathematics, social sciencesphilosophy, children’s books,  and more.

If you believe a book is geeky, we’d be happy to check it out. We reserve the right to decide if a book is a good fit for our website.

Books in a series

Is a book a part of a larger series? For our sanity as readers, we want to know. Generally, we try to review books in sequence. If you give us book 37, this will probably not happen… If we receive the last book in a trilogy, we like to post reviews of the first two books as well.

What formats do we accept?

When we invest our time in reviewing a book, we like to hold in our hand the physical manifestation of someone else’s investment. Not all GeekyLibrary reviewers have access to an e-reader.  Physical copies are preferred and can be mailed to:

P.O Box 1
Beaverton, OR 97075

We do accept digital copies on a limited basis in .pdf or .epub format.  If the choice is available, we prefer to accept digital copies through NetGalley.

Who writes the reviews?

GeekyLibrary has a core group of reviewers. We are geeks who like to read. If you believe a book is a good fit for a specific reviewer, let us know and we will pass along the info (but no guarantees).

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer? Please look over our guidelines before contacting us.

Review schedule

Reviews are published regularly based on publication dates, current events, and other criteria.

If we receive an advanced review copy (ARC) of a requested book, we do our very best to ensure a review is posted in advance of the official publication date.

Fairness in Reviews

We pride ourselves on honesty in our reviews but also strive to make our opinions about the books defensible.

Rating system

Reviews are rated on a 5-star system. However, what an individual rating means can vary depending on the person who read the book (inter-rater reliability has not been established).
In general, star ratings follow this system:
5 stars: I love this book!
4 stars: I like this book!
3 stars: Sure, this book was good if you need a bit of entertainment to while away the time (We consider 3 stars to be a positive review).
2 stars: I found redeeming qualities.
1 star: Not recommended by this reviewer.

Second Opinions

Occasionally, one of our reviewers will read a book previously reviewed on our site. The subsequent reviews are linked as second opinions. This is rare and occurs at our discretion.