Members of the Geeky Library crew headed to downtown Portland this weekend to participate in the “Run like Hell.” Traditionally a costumed run, the theme this year was super heroes– perfect for our geeky sensibilities.

Jason originally wanted to go as the Flash, but was afraid it would be like “an episode of the Big Bang Theory, where everyone shows up as the Flash.”

Also, if you go as the Flash, you are almost required to sprint the entire race.

In the end, we decided to go as Superman and Batgirl (the Barbara Gordon batgirl) because we felt we could pull off those characters. We figure the running nature of our costumes proves that we were members of the Superhero Athletic Club.

Kallen and Jason went as the characters that they felt they could pull off.Copyright GeekyLibrary

No, the costumes weren’t perfectly accurate, but they were among the best we saw… with the exception of the Tick and his sidekick Arthur, who ran a half marathon in their costumes. There were too many Batmans and sadly, we didn’t spot Flash represented in any way other than the occasional t-shirt.

What a lost opportunity for runners.

In our super costumes, we both managed to shave about two minutes off our respective times.