Crowd funding is an amazing concept and phenomenon because it puts the financial viability of a project into the hands of people who care. When we discovered filmmaker’s Issac and Marisa’s film project on Kickstarter, we cared.

The documentary Cities in the Sky: Science Fiction’s Forgotten Visionaries promises to reveal pioneering science fiction authors whose work has been forgotten. This is a cause we can definitely support and the movie premiere is in the cool book-friendly city of Portland, OR (which also happens to be our home base).

According to the Kickstarter page for the project, these historic geeks predicted things like green technology, the Internet, and women’s rights while exploring classic sci-fi topics like space battles, evil robots and alien invasions.

Marisa and Issac point out that although everyone pays tribute (we are no different) to some science fiction pioneers like Jules Verne and H.G Wells, others have received no credit for their contribution.

Marisa and Issac only have 8 days left to reach their funding goal so please join GeekyLibrary in supporting this amazing science fiction documentary. Give geeks of the past some credit!