Here’s some exciting news– GeekyLibrary will be represented at Norwescon 36, the sci-fi and fantasy convention held in Seattle. GeekyLibrary Crew member Taylor will be attending, so expect awesome news. He’ll definitely keep you posted, so if you aren’t yet, follow us on Twitter.

Norwescon calls itself the “Pacific Northwest’s Premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention” and tries to maintain a literary focus (although really, every aspect of sci-fi and fantasy is celebrated).

Since 1984, Norwescon has hosted the Philip K. Dick Awards, which is an oddly specific award given annually to “distinguished science fiction books published for the first time in the United States as a paperback original.”

The seven nominees for the 2012 award were announced on January 9th. In preparation for the March 29th ceremony, the GeekyLibrary crew is attempting read and review all of them before that date.  So check back for links to the reviews!

Blueprints of the Afterlife by Ryan Boudinot


Harmony by Keith Brooke


Helix Wars (sequel to Helix) by Eric Brown


The Not Yet by Moira Crone


Fountain of Age: Stories by Nancy Kress


LoveStar by Andri Snær Magnason


Lost Everything by Brian Francis Slattery