I had never been to a science fiction convention — there I said it — before this past weekend. I’m a little sad about that, I had no idea what I was missing. My High School, being a small science and technology school, was a little bit like a full time convention… but only a little bit.Norwescon 36 BannerNorwescon, for starters, was many times the size of my high school. I stayed in a nearby hotel —rather than the convention hotel—which was packed with LARPers, costumed characters, anime lovers, and all sorts of other weirdness. Which was awesome.

For GeekyLibrary, I was able to attend a number of author readings, attend a Baen books party (thanks!), and I passed out a fair number of business cards. I mean, where else can you attend an author reading from a short story involving a zombie—well, part of a zombie anyway—alive in the washing machine?

There was so much other stuff going on: LARPing, table gaming, sessions every hour from 10am–6am. It’s absolutely crazy.

Next year, my hope is to help out by being on a panel or speaking about WordPress, the web, programming, or other similar geekery.