Three Green and Geeky Books

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve picked three books that have nothing in common except they are all green and geeky books.

Forest Green: The Dragon Hunter’s Handbook  rocks a nice dark green perfect for a field guide. Who wants a bright orange book when you’re trying to stay incognito and hunt dragons?

“Some Dragon Hunters wonder if the Loch Ness Monster is really a type of aquatic dragon.” -Pg 34.

Pale Green: The shades of color on The Disappearing Spoon almost look old fashioned, and vaguely suggest (to me, anyway) the colors you might find in an antique pharmacy or old hospital. For a book whose stories about elements on the periodic table often take place in laboratories or, even, hospitals, this seems appropriate.

“…Even after hundreds of years of chemistry, elements continually surprise us, in ways both benign and not.” -Pg 186

Bright Green: The glorious bright green color of We Will Destroy Your Planet may have been chosen for its similarity to the color of little green men. Shall we call it Martian green? Aliens and the color green have strong association together.

“You do not want your landing craft to end up impaled on a tree trunk like a cocktail sausage.”-Pg 62