Love for Tsunami Books

When I think of Tsunami books, what I think of are their library ladders. Ridiculous, maybe, but they stuck in my mind.

I first discovered Tsunami Books when I was attending the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. One of my professors had decided to support a local bookstore rather than ordering textbooks through the University Duck Store.

And so it was, grumbling a bit, that I made the trip to a small bookshop in a building that, aside from the tsunami mural, was utterly bland.

Used Zombies book sign at Tsunami Books
Just telling you what kinds of books are ahead… (Credit: James Perkins)

Unlike the organized chaos of MacLeod’s, Tsunami Books gets its charm from its narrow rows of cozy shelves.

Upon walking in, I was immediately taken with the atmosphere and distracted from my purpose of picking up my textbooks.

I instead started wandering the shelves and was soon asked by an employee if I needed anything. I commented to him on how much I loved the library ladders.

“Oh yes, a while back when we thought we were going out of business, they were the first things spoken for,” said the employee.

And thats how I found out that Tsunami Books was saved by the Eugene community. It was on the verge of closing its doors when enough people decided they did not want to lose their neighborhood bookstore of over 20 years.

And so it remains a cozy place to visit and perhaps catch the local poetry slam night. They even have free Wi-fi for their customers. And when I was still a college student, it was a perfect off-campus oasis.

Tsunami Books
A perfect place to wander the shelves and catch an evening reading or poetry night.

How about a Valentine’s Day Poetry “TSlam” at Tsunami Books?

Tsunami Books | 541-345-8986
Mon through Sat: 10am to 7pm
Sun:noon to 5pm

2585 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97405

What’s your favorite bookstore? Stay tuned for more Bookstore Love stories!