IMG_4862.JPGMaybe it’s a lighthearted story or a fast-paced thriller, but everyone has their idea of a perfect summer read. Before the season wraps up, I’m sharing 10 science and science-fiction books I think are great summer reads.

1. Possibly the most anticipated book of this summer 2015, Armada is simply a ton of geeky fun.

2. Cinder‘s science fiction take on the classic fairy tale is the fresh look this story needed.

3. Entertaining and informative is the hallmark of witty science writer Mary Roach and Packing for Mars is one of her best.

4. Perfect for the whole family, you can’t help but crack a smile at this wacky tale of Tip and an unusual alien named J-Lo as they learn The True Meaning of Smekday. You may even want to take a trip to Happy Mouse Kingdom yourself.

5. Looking for laughs? In this science fiction comedy set in the golden age of pulp fiction and television, The Madonna and the Starship is a perfect pick for the beach.

6. The Lives of Tao combines the best parts of action blockbuster with summer comedy for a story that is uniquely it’s own. Pick it up and then share it with a friend.

7. If summer is a busy time, the story of Farmer Buckley’s Exploding Trousers and other true tales of strange episodes in scientific discovery will fit your schedule perfectly. .

8. If your ideal summer includes chilling tales told around a campfire, stow Annihilation in your tent for an eerie environmental read.

9.If you need a page-turner for the plane, look no further than near-future crime thriller Lock In

10. What? You haven’t read The Martian yet? It’s a near-future survival story with a healthy sense of humor. Read it quick before the movie comes out.

What kind of book do you think is the perfect summer read?