Mutiny! Lankies! Dwindling supplies! Space battles! More mutiny! Friendly Russians thanks to the uneasy Sino-Russian truce? Yep, those too.

“And now we’re setting out on another joint mission with these folks. This one is going to be fun. And by fun, I mean “white-knuckled, pants-shitting terror.”

page 70

Earth is coming ever closer to being the next planet overrun by the Lankies. It’s down to a potential suicide run to gather intel, find a way to relieve a frozen ice colony of their unexpected guests before everyone starves, and get people back home to fight for Earth.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Marko Kloos has delivered an amazing series with Frontlines. Angles of Attack has to be on our shelf since it’s impossible to A) ditch an amazing series, and B) skip the book that sets the tone for the conclusion. I mean, we have to know if Earth survives, right??

Angles of Attack is the sequel to Hugo nominee Lines of Departure.

Angles of Attack is out April 21st from 47 North.

Rating (4 stars)

I dove into Angles of Attack assuming it was the end of a trilogy, and loved the direction it was taking. Right from the get-go. It was one of those books that could go either way, and end with a bang in favor of the heroes, or the Lankies.

I would have been happy with either to be honest, but when I got to the end, I thought to myself  “Well, gee…. that wasn’t the ending I was hoping for. Thanks for the cliffhanger/choose your own ending.” Not much had been resolved, but there was a bit of a happy ending that made me smile. Good enough, I suppose….

Thankfully, it turns out Marko Kloos is writing a fourth novel, slated to come out this holiday *fingers crossed*

I don’t know which I hope for more: that he’s able to wrap up the story in the upcoming fourth installment, or that he has enough story left over to craft a fifth.