Math can help you find true love. Just ask Amy Webb. She tried online dating, which led to a string of hilariously awful dates, including a man who left her with a $160 dinner check and another one who claimed he was an orthopedic surgeon… but  wasn’t. After sifting through deceiving photos, awkward dates and a man who ends up being married, she had enough.

“Regrettably, “Woman seeking man who’s not a lying asshole” wasn’t an option.”

page 35

Webb, in true geeky form, turned to her secret weapon– data. Using smarts, math and a tech-savvy drive to find the perfect man, Amy Webb is one woman who successfully traversed online dating to find true love… by “gaming” the system.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Even if we ignore the fact that the cover has a heart made out of binary 1’s and 0’s, this is clearly a book about dating for geeks.

Webb openly admits that she combats stress by sorting data and graphing things. She gave her therapist background info by way of a color-coded binder. When faced with a problem, she uses math and logic.

What could be better than using math and logic to win a fulfilling relationship? Better yet, her graphs and algorithms worked for her! Geeky dating methods for the win!

Rating (4 stars)

I picked up this book for GeekyLibrary and when I thought about reading it, I wondered if it was weird… being that I’m married.  Then I reminded myself that this was just a geeky love story.

But this is so much more than just a geeky love story! This is a quirky, fun and satisfying memoir. Not only does it present a nice story, but it honestly has valuable advice, especially if you are interested in online dating.

I was suprised by how much I simply loved this book and I definitly recommend it.