Ride a coelacanth or see the Eiffel Tower’s dystruction in a thousand dystopias. Reflect on the romance of microbiota or an octoshark’s existence.

“I’m ready and willing to conquer the future
for it is known: the geek shall inherit the Earth!”
page 38

Geeky poetry— it exists and in beautiful flowing form as written by Yann Rousselot and collected in Dawn of the Algorithm.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

How Geeky are thee… let me count the ways.
Algorithms, AI, Biology, Beauty, Dinosaurs, Disaster, Romance, Robotics and more… If you are a geek, there is something in here that will resonate with you.

Rating (4 stars)

Like art, poetry is very personal in how it is interpreted and enjoyed. That said, this was an amazing collection that managed to be thoughtful, geeky, humorous and reflective throughout, depending on the poem. Although the poetry style is mostly freeform (with others mixed in), evocative language was able to conjure shifting images and changing scenes.

These are poems perfectly fit to capture the emotions, conflict and often comical nature of the 21st century.