It’s initiation time all over again. Except, this time it’s for Four. What was the mysterious Four like before he became Dauntless and fell in love with Tris?

“The truth is, I want my choice to drive a knife right through my father’s heart, to pierce him with as much pain and embarrassment and disappointment as possible. There is only one choice that can do that.”

page 31

And really, what was it like for him to leave his father and become the brave (and not to mention handsome) leader he is?

Why is this on our bookshelf?

I’m a big fan of the Divergent series so obviously I was stoked to hear that Veronica Roth was coming out with the same story told from Four’s perspective. Why not have this excellent addition to this series on our bookshelf?

Rating (4 stars)

If you’re a fan of the Divergent series, then you’ll definitely be a fan of this book. Told from Four’s perspective, this book is an interesting telling of the first installment of the series.

If you’ve already read Divergent (the first book of the series) then you know most of the story already, so there’s no real excitement of the uncertainty of what’s going to happen.

However, you do get some background information detailing Four’s life before he became “Four,” and you even learn about why Veronica Roth wrote this book in the first place.

What’s most interesting about this book, though, is when you get to the story you already know and you “reread” it from Four’s perspective. Four is a really interesting character who seems to always seemed to have an air of mystery about him. Not in this book. You learn all of his secrets, his desires (ahem – Tris), and more. You hear the same story, yet it is somehow different, which makes it all the more fascinating.