If you have a keen sense of curiosity and haven’t heard of science writer Mary Roach, may I offer some advice: Read her books. Now.

“I think it’s fair to say that some degree of obsession is a requisite for good science, and certainly for scientific breakthrough.”

page 102

Her fifth book, Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal (the 4th was Packing for Mars) is another Mary Roach book– intensely researched, fearless, and injected with her special brand of humor.

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Although there are a lot of popular science books out there, Mary Roach’s writing in her books conveys a keen sense of admiration for people whose line of study could be considered “weird” or “bizarre.” We often call those people geeky.

Brazenly delving into the areas of the digestive system that others might avoid– and doing so in meticulous scientific detail– makes her book the geekiest one on guts so far.

Rating (4 stars)

Since reading her first book (and bestseller) Stiff in 2003, I have been an avid Mary Roach fangirl. Her books are in a category of their own, and at this point, having read them all, I have to start rating them against themselves, hence the four-star rating.

Despite this, every new Mary Roach book should be treasured. Its funny, its informational, and I enjoyed ever minute of it (except for when I was reading the chapter about stomachs bursting while I had an upset tummy).