After the tumultuous events of Seraphina, war has broken out and the secret of half-dragons revealed.

“Playing flute was the one thing I knew could make people see a human, not a monster.”

Seraphina, her secret revealed, decides to search for others like her. The half-dragons, known as ityasaari, may have the key to solving the war. But will they be allies?

Why is this on our bookshelf?

Shadow Scale delivers more information on dragon society, dragon culture, dragon emotions and the lives of half-dragons… All we wanted from the sequel to Seraphina.

Rating (5 stars)

Where Seraphina read more like a mystery (albeit with dragons), Shadow Scale almost has the flavor of a psychological thriller.

If you recall from the first book, Seraphina has a strange mental connection with others like her. But some are frightening, and one she even had to lock away before her mind was taken over by another.

In the midst of all this, the war is heating up and her uncle Orma is on the run from Censors who would erase his memory.

A different tone than the first book, the situation feels more desperate and the need for a solution more dire than before. Overall, an excellent sequel that satisfied my desire for more.